A few ground rules...

Just so everyone understands (as if you hadn't figured this out, but there is, in fact, logic to this).
(a) I'm a crusty old phart, and was when I turned 18.
(b) there are, generally, three types of material here: cooking, personal stuff, and crusty political commentary. And anything else that piques my interest. If you aren't interested in part of that, feel free to ignore.
(c) to reiterate one rule from long ago, if you object to something sufficiently to want to drag me into court, the only acceptable venue is Santa Clara County, California. Don't like that, you're free to go away (thank our Cannuckistan brethren for the need for _that_ one).
(d) I'm generally very accepting, even of people who piss me off. There is, however, a line. Find it at your peril.

Had an interesting realization about work

My job, quite simply, is to make ordinary people into millionaires. Maybe it's on the 5 year plan, maybe it's on the 20 year plan. But that's my job. My responsibility. Find someone new every day, and help them become a millionaire.

Y'know what? If you stop and think about it, that's actually a pretty damned cool job. ;)

Putting the nail in the coffin of unbiased journalism


Let's be blunt, folks. Journalists are biased, as are their publishers. What we have here is clear, conclusive evidence of conspiracy to "fix" the news, occurring at a national level, encompassing many major media outlets.

It's easy to make the argument that "most" journalists aren't such craven, vile creatures as these. But this small sample, by being able to aggressively shape news coverage on a national level, condemn their lesser-known fellows simply by their actions.

I've long had the theory...

That you can count on either party to screw things up. Republicans tend to screw things up in a manner susceptible to being fixed. Democrats tend to screw things up in a more permanent way.

Unfortunately, the last 10 years have born this theory out.

- GWOT? Check
- Iraq? Check
- The mortgage meltdown? Check
- tax cuts for the rich anybody mildly successful? Check

- Anthropogenic Global Warming? Check
- Health care reform? Check

Today's news brings the latest. After a loooong national discussion, the idea of a national ID card was rejected. So, because nothing good ever goes unpunished, the leading lights in the Senate have decided to have a national biometric social security card:

You might note, once upon a time, that your social security # was supposed to be used for nothing except social security. It wasn't to be used for ID, for tax purposes, or for anything else. Well, we can all see how well that's observed these days.

So, once this gets jammed through the House & Senate by Mr. & Mrs. "We won", we'll have the national ID card that they've been hoping for, lo these many decades.

BTW, y'all might want to remember, for future reference, that Dianne Feinstein is one of the architects of this little boondoggle.